Be Unique

Be Unique
Howdy Amazon sellers!
Here’s a little yet powerful piece of advice we can offer you. The concept is very simple: “Be Unique”. There are many angles you can take to finding the right products.
Do your research!
Browsing around and finding products that don’t have a lot of sellers is a great way to start. Try to see if you can do a similar product with slight improvements.
This is crucial, see what the competition looks like and see how many sellers there are. Essentially, you want to be on the top of the list. When the average customer searches for products that you sell, you want to be the one they click on!!
So many times at AMZ Transit we see a seller come to us for prep with a product they feel confident will be a huge seller. Most of the time it’s just a little too late!  Chances are, by the time you notice a product with few sellers and a product that is flying off the shelf, it is likely that there are 100 other people looking at it at the same time and planning to make moves immediately.
Timing is so important. Here’s a helpful tip to get you cranking away on sales: do partial air vs sea freight from your supplier. Last year, we saw the infamous “watermelon slicer” go from one seller to hundreds in no time. One way is to start selling immediately, source, purchase your goods, and then ship 6 cartons or so by air and then let the rest go by sea – this will help you save on shipping but also get you selling right away so you can start building your product profile.
One last tactic that seems to work well and will make you stick out from the rest – BUNDLING. Offer 2 products with one, yes the over head is higher but mark up your price so that you can meet your margins and likely you will push more stock with an enticing combo.

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