File Upload Guide

  1. Create a new account at by going to that address and clicking on “Register”
  2. Enter your email, and you’ll be sent a sign-up link
  3. Log in at with your new login you just created
  4. Rename the folder already in your account by clicking the “…” to the right of it, clicking “Rename”:
  5. Enter your first and last name as the folder name and press Enter:
  6. Click the share icon to the right of your new folder. A side panel will pop up.
  7. In the “Share with users…” box in this side panel, type “amz transit” and “AMZ Transit (group)” should pop up. Click on that to share your folder with our staff:
  1. Now just click on your folder name to enter your folder. You’ll see another folder, which just needs to be renamed to your order number (i.e. SO123). This will greatly help keep your files organized for any additional projects we work on with you.
  2. For future orders, just click the + button, and create another folder (i.e. SO124)
  3. Open your order-specific folder, click the + once more, and then click “Upload”.
  4. Find the files you’d like to share with us on your computer, and click OK to upload them. Tip: it will help us a lot if you can name your files descriptively (i.e. 30-up labels for Product A.pdf instead of labels.pdf)
  5. That’s it! Let your sales rep know that you uploaded the files as well, so that they can check for them.

Bonus tip: If you’re working with a business partner or other employees at your company on your project, they’re welcome to sign up for our file sharing site as well. You can then share your folder with them so that you can both easily send us files.

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