Shipment Guide (Direct to Amazon via Sea)

This guide is designed to help you configure your Amazon Seller Central account correctly for when you use AMZ Transit as your shipping company, direct to Amazon FBA.

  1. Open your Seller Central account on your computer.
  2. In the Manage Inventory screen (under the Inventory menu), check the boxes for the products you’ll be shipping. Then click the “Action on…” menu above the checkboxes, and select Send/replenish inventory:
  3. On the next screen, you’ll need to click Ship from another address and change the origin to the address provided to you by your AMZ Transit sales rep.
  4. Click on Continue to shipping plan
  5. The next screen asks you to input the number of items you intend to send to Amazon. Enter this carefully, as it cannot be easily changed after creating the shipment. When done, click Continue:
  6. The next two screens are relatively similar – you just need to tell Amazon who will be prepping and stickering the products. In most cases, this will be Merchant (whether you, or AMZ Transit will be performing the steps). Select Merchant in each drop down box, then click continue:
  7. The next screen simply confirms the destination for the products. Click Approve shipment
  8. Click Work on shipment
  9. We’re almost done! The next steps are determined by the method of shipping you’re planning to use. Please wait to go forward with this step until we are able to provide you with final carton sizes and dimensions.
  10. Under 2. Shipping service configure the options exactly as below:
  11. Under 3. Shipment packing you will likely want to select “Multiple Boxes” unless your sales rep says otherwise. Then, select “Use web form” and enter the carton details. Basically, you’ll need to enter the number of units per box for each product. If a particular product has multiple box configurations (i.e. 5 boxes with 20 products, and 1 box with 5 products), just click “Add another box configuration” to add an additional line.
  12. Click “Generate box labels” under the next section. Save this PDF and send it to your sales rep.
  13. Enter the number of pallets in the shipment, and click “Print pallet labels” in the next section. Save this PDF and send it to your sales rep.
  14. Click Complete shipment at the bottom of the page.
  15. Sit back, let AMZ Transit do the rest, and get ready to enjoy the success of your new product!
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