Meet our Staff: Christian Pesantez

Meet our Staff: Christian Pesantez

In this series, we’ll be taking a few minutes to talk to members of our staff, so that you, our customers, can get to know us a little better!


Christian, what do you do at AMZ Transit?

I work in the shipping department mainly taking care of logistics for international shipments

Do you work with new customers or just with existing customers?

Mainly new clients, the people who come as new sellers, who call us to find out the steps required to get their orders shipped to the US and we try to work with them step by step. We’ve got some great guides, and we also take time to answer their questions and get them on their way. I always recommend to new clients to get a shipping quote before they place their order with their supplier. That way you can estimate your costs, margins, and see if it makes sense for you to ship it in the first place.

We do have a lot of clients who are regulars too, that I’m working with every few days, weeks, or months.

What’s your best advice to new sellers looking to ship?

Again, before placing the order, get a shipping quote. I’ve seen a lot of times where clients go and place the order for like $500, they come to us, and they realize shipping can cost twice as much. They don’t realize that it can be costly, because they’re used to domestic shipping being so inexpensive, costing just a few hundred dollars.

So get a shipping quote before you place the order, then come back to us and we’ll get the shipping process started.

How long does it usually take to get a shipping quote?

Within 24 to 48 hours, usually within 24 though.

Any advice going into the holiday season?

If you’re trying to sell something for the holidays, start shipping soon. Don’t leave it to the last month. There can be a lot of delays this time of year. Even though we do our best to avoid them, they still do happen. If you want to sell during the holidays, I’d recommend shipping at least 3 months in advance.

Do shipping prices normally go up or down at this time of year?

Shipping prices just went up in August, but it’s tough to say how they’ll go for the rest of the season.

So shipping prices are pretty unpredictable?

They are, they flucutate a lot. But especially in August. I think they’ll keep increasing because of the volume of shipments that will be going on during the holidays.

Last question: what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not shipping?

Soccer. I love watching watching soccer, playing soccer, going to soccer games, everything that has to do with soccer.

What’s your favorite team?

Real Madrid

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