Avoid this common mistake when shipping to Amazon FBA

Avoid this common mistake when shipping to Amazon FBA


Don from AMZ Transit here!  I wanted to make this quick post to inform people of one of the most common mistakes we see here at AMZ Transit in the shipping department.

As we all know, Amazon determines your final destination, and I know a lot of you guys when getting a quote aren’t sure where to ship your products to.  A lot of the times the Chinese suppliers will say “hey, we can ship for you to LA for X amount of money” and I’ve seen clients say “OK, great – it’s cheap and I wanna get this moving, so let’s do it!”

The goods get loaded to LA,  and then now they decide, well I need to make a shipment plan for Amazon and figure out how to clear customs.  They make the shipment plan inside Amazon and now all of a sudden Amazon wants their goods in Texas, or even worse, somewhere like New Jersey, across the country.

Trucking across the USA is not cheap – and in fact will cost way more than the actual sea shipping.  Yet if you knew beforehand, you would have just shipped it to say, the port of Newark instead and had a relatively cheap trucking quote to get it to FBA.

So everyone, please make sure you make your shipment plan BEFORE the goods leave your supplier in China.  Use the dimensions on the packing list they give you – make sure you’re not over Amazon size limits per each carton, and ship to the right port to save yourself a major headache and cost later down the line.

Any questions or if you have a shipment that needs to be moved, feel free to contact us here at AMZ Transit.  Thanks for watching and make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can stay in tune with our updates.

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